Prison Consultant


  • “Dear Mr. Cox: I just wanted you to know that on May 14, ___ was given a transfer to the Three Rivers Camp. We are both very happy.”
  • “Harvey, ___ learned today the Bureau of Prisons designated him to the Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution. I wanted to let you know and thank you for all your thoughtful advice and assistance.”
  • “Have arrived on the Ramsey I as of 9-13 and wanted to thank you for your assistance. This Unit is much better suited for myself and I appreciate all your help in accomplishing the task!”
  • “Dear Mr. Cox: You recently assisted my husband in facilitating his interstate transfer to Illinois. We want to thank you for your time and assistance. We are so grateful for your services and pray the Lord will bless your business.”
  • “Dear Mr. Cox: I wanted to thank you for all you have done for my son Jerry. He is very content and does not fear this institution.”
  • “Dear Mr. Cox: I am in receipt of your loetter regarding a unit transfer for Offender ___. The offender’s record reflects a good institutional adjustment, therefore, a hardship transfer will be granted.”
  • “Dear Mr. Cox: Florida accepted ___ under the provisions of the Interstate Corrections Compact Agreement on August 4. On August 5 Maryland was notified of Florida’s decision.
  • “Dear Mr. Cox: I cannot thank you enough in assisting me get back to the McConnell Unit. I sincerely appreciate your efforts.”
  • “Dear Mr. Cox: Your letter indicated that ___ may be in a situation causing his life to be in jeopardy. I will initiate an investigation into his allegations and notify the Michael Unit to conduct one in an expeditious time frame. If the unit’s investigation uncovers substance to ___’s claims, a transfer will be effected or other protective action taken as appropriate.”
  • “Dear Mr. Cox: As the result of yuour inquiry, we reviewed the circumstance regarding offender ___’s disciplinary case for solicitation. As a result the case has been overturned and expunged from his record.”

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