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Federal Presentence Report Review

The content of the Federal Presentence Report (PSR) will determine many critical areas in an inmate’s Federal confinement. It affects the type of institution he will be confined in, and the types of programs available. The PSR content may even prevent an inmate from entering important programs that could result in a sentence reduction, such as the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program and a subsequent 12 month sentence reduction.

A person familiar with the BOP programs and how eligibility for these programs is tied to certain critical contents of the PSR is critically needed to review the draft PSR that is generally conducted only by the inmate and his attorney prior to the U.S. Probation Officer finalizing the document for the Court. Should the U.S. Probation Officer not be amenable to making suggested changes, the attorney can ask the judge to render a final ruling on the matter.

I will review the draft PSR and inform the client’s attorney of any recommended changes as it relates to his serving his sentence with the BOP.


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