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Expert Witness Testimony

I have been retained in over 30 cases as an expert witness. The following represent a brief summary of the issue(s):

  • Inmate escapes from secure prison and assaults citizen (witness for the citizen)
  • Person arrested for being “overly intoxicated” and placed into local jail when jail staff assumed he was drunk when in fact he was suffering from a serious medical episode and never had any alcohol in his system (witness for inmate plaintiff)
  • Inmate found guilty of murder and government seeking death penalty as government stated he was too dangerous for staff to maintain (witness for inmate) (several cases)
  • Inmate was seriously assaulted by another inmate (witness for the victim inmate) (several cases)
  • Defendant seeking a lesser sentence than guidelines suggested based on his cooperation and nativity (witness for the defendant)
  • Defendant seeking probation or home confinement based on health issues and consequent inability to adjust to prison life (witness for defendant) (several cases)
  • Inmate died in prison and family claimed it was the result of too much chemical spray that had been administrated to the inmate (witness for the inmate’s family)
  • Inmate sued for assignment to a lower security level prison (witness for inmate)

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