Prison Consultant - Harvey R. Cox, MS

Many prison inmates and their families need guidance and assistance in understanding the policies and procedures of correctional agencies. Additionally, appropriate contact with the prison or agency may result in the resolution of any problem the inmate may encounter during his incarceration.

Based on my 40 years experience in corrections, from the level of Case Manager to Warden and Headquarters Administrator, I can provide expert advice and assistance in the areas listed below.

  • Federal Presentence Report Review
  • Prison Orientation
  • Initial Prison Placement
  • Inmate Prison Transfers
  • Administrative Remedies
  • Petition for Commutation of Sentence
  • Compassionate Release
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Other Assistance

Unlike other consultants, there are not any charges for reviewing a case and giving an opinion. Only if the client wants me to work on his request is there a charge that is, based on my belief, much lower than other consultants with less experience and qualifications.

Please contact me, whether by mail, e-mail, or telephone, and discuss any fees.

Harvey R. Cox, M.S.
Prison Consultant
P.O. Box 1551
Weatherford, TX 76086
Phone: 817-596-8457
Fax: 817-594-7172

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